Speed Dating fixed, as explained by emojis

Speed Dating, but it's not painful.
You create a free account on onlyaglance.com. The free account is the basis for speed dating. The account is a fully functional, 100% completely free dating site account as well.
Show interest in speed dating with no obligation, and watch the speed dating page fill up with people. Also, tell your friends.
Or decide you just don't want to do this. You can use the site for free, completely free. Hide under a pile of coats, use a straw as a breathing tube.
Completely free dating site
Register for the event in your area. It's $30, and always held at a venue that is quiet, cool and non-lame. It's personally selected by me.
Attend and chat with others in a quiet and fun environment. Note that environment is non-lame and not loud and annoying.
Go back to the site and glance at those you are interested in. You will see the faces of the people you just met. Imagine that: faces, and not a number.

Or meet them afterwards for drinks/coffee/water polo.

Note: Water Polo not included in this reasonable fee.

Make a connection - a lasting connection. Never ever log on again. Invite me to your wedding.

Or do this again at another venue. Each venue gives you another opportunity to find a cool place in town to meet other people regardless of the outcome. Come back with your mates and say screw 'em and play Chumba Wumba. Or invite me to your wedding.